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A letter to you, my creative friend

If you are looking for a clear and full list of club memberships and benefits, they are all listed here.

That list will tell you all about our master classes, resources, expert interviews and workbooks you are going to have access to when you become a member of The Clubhouse. 

But when I sat down to write why I think you should join the club, the classes and business days weren’t the first things that came to my mind.

It was the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing during one of our live chats because we got so off topic.

It was the messages I receive from our members being genuinely delighted by the number of friendships they had formed.

It was the fact that I was saddened by the reality that members were surprised I answered each and every one of their comments personally, because even with the amount of money being spent on online courses, the personal touch has gone out of fashion in favour of more passive income and bigger numbers.

I wanted to write this letter to you because I imagine that you dislike reading sales pages as much as I dislike writing them. I thought this would be a nice change of pace and a chance for us to get to know each other better.

You may know this, but the first thing they say you should do when writing a sales page is to write a before and after scenario.

The before scenario being this terrible place of frustration, woe and failure. The after being a miraculous, over night dream world where everything in your life has dropped into place.

But let’s be honest. It’s not as exciting, or as thrilling, or full of magical excitement but changing your life is huge commitment. It’s so easy to become a passive participant in our own lives, letting events and circumstances dictate our actions, whilst never really taking active steps to change the flow ourselves.

Change is hard. It’s not just one action, its many actions over a long period of time. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s an ever evolving process and journey.

And that’s why I created the Clubhouse.

Because sometimes the most difficult part of business isn’t learning how to use Facebook ads, or engaging on social media or figuring out our ideal customer. Sometimes the most difficult part is having the sheer will to keep going.

To feel like your voice is being heard when there seems to be nothing but unresponsive internet out there.

And sure, we absolutely have business classes and talk about ideas to improve our businesses.

But the big game changer in business? Not giving up. Being inspired by others to open that laptop after a long day at the 9-5 and do something creative. To see other women like you being successful.

And not just six figures, passive income, working on the beach successful people. Actual, small businesses who are getting their first clients, who are finally leaving the day job successful, who  manage business and family responsibilities and still getting enough sleep.  

The Clubhouse isn’t about gurus and experts.

It’s about actual business owners, running small businesses online and sharing their experiences.

It’s a support group of the most lovely and friendly women that I know.

It’s formed of people who know there is never one answer that fits all types of business. It’s formed of people who are going what you are going through. With people who have been what you are going through and come out through the other side.

We’re a close knit community of friends and we would love to meet you.

You can read more information about The Clubhouse here or you can apply to become a member below.

I look forward to welcoming you to the family.

If you have any questions, or you’d just like to share your experience of being a creative in this crazy world we live in, please do just drop me a message.

Best wishes,

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Kind words

The Clubhouse community is all about it’s members. They are as much as responsible for it’s growth, warmth and support network as I am. If not more so. 

With that in mind, I’m honored to introduce you to a few of members and invite you to listen to their thoughts about The Clubhouse. 

Shree Summerlin Aurora Social Co

Shree Summerlin

“A safe space to talk about coffee, business and our tips and tricks AS WELL as a place to support each other, which is the most important thing”

Kelly Ramsdell

Kelly Ramsdell

“I truly appreciate Sarah’s leadership in the Happy Boss Club – her posts are always full of absolute gold-level business advice. And one of the best things about the Club is the amount of support between the members, and how much less alone I feel as a small business owner trying to make her way in this online world.”

Clubhouse Reveiw

Atiba Shaikh

“Owning an online business can make us pretty lonely, and we could all do with more connections in our lives and businesses. Be it casual chats, business collaborations, or technical help, you are sure to find someone in the Clubhouse you can reach out to. Also, Sarah’s monthly themes and challenges mean that you are always learning something and growing your business in new ways. All this support and growth means that you are, indeed, being a ‘happy’ boss!”