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What’s On In The Club

Club Events

A snapshot of the month’s biggest events in The Clubhouse


Minimalism and De-clutter

This month we are spring cleaning, getting more efficient and pruning. 

Whats On In The Club This Month

March Highlights

An Introduction To Brand Personas

12th March 2018

What is a brand persona? Do I need one? How important is it?

All questions we will be answering as we talk about what a brand persona is and why it is a fantastically useful tool to use in understanding and engaging with your audience. 

What Are The 12 Archetypes?

13th March 2018

Working our way through the second workbook of the month, we’ll be talking in-depth about archetypal branding for the next two weeks. This is all part of connecting with your audience on a fundamental, psychological and emotional level. In the day’s post we will outline what each archetype is.

Throughout the week we discuss what your customer archetype is, work with the instruments created to determine the strengths, weaknesses and shadow aspects of archetypes and apply theses profiles to our audience. 

Interview with Branding Expert Maru of Fashionyfab

23rd March 2018

Interview with club member and branding expert Maru of Fashionyfab. We talk about using branding in business, tips for beginner’s, hiring a designer and a behind the scenes look at how Maru runs her business and finds clients. 

How To Use Story Telling In Your Brand

29th March 2018 // 4PM GMT

Creating a brand story and visual guide is a powerful first step. However, how do we actually use this in the day to day running and marketing of our business?

A live masterclass on using story telling in your marketing. 

The Monthly Live Chat

29th March 2018 // 7PM GMT

Every month we have a live chat get together to discuss the month’s wins and struggles. It’s all about support, catching up and having a chuckle. 


Plus many more tutorials and events. 


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  • The Friendship and Collaboration Challenge
  • The Valentine’s Day Gift Swap 
  • An Interview with Claudia Orengo of Heartmade
  • How To Write a Pitch (With Pitch Templates) 
  • Free + Paid Collaboration Ideas
  • Business Brunch: A Discussion on Relationships In Business
  • The Monthly Live Chat 


  • The Goal Setting Challenge
  • How To Set Goals To Grow Your Business Class
  • How To Create a Personal Productivity Calendar Workbook 
  • How To Implement Self-Care Into Your Schedule
  • Business Brunch: How To Overcome Setbacks Masterclass
  • Accountability Partner Service
  • The Monthly Live Chat 


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