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What Can I Post

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what should i post?

It is very much my intention that this Clubhouse be a small group of friends, where everyone is comfortable sharing and contributing to the group. However, I know that it can be a little daunting at first, especially if you are not sure exactly what to say!

So here are few ideas, guidelines and prompts to help you out!

1. Ask for Specific Opinions


We’re all hear to help and offer our feedback where we can. The best way we can do that is if you ask us a specific question or want to discuss a specific concern.

If your question is ‘I’ve just started my blog, what do I do next?’ it’s  going to discourage people from answering, as they just won’t know where to start! Plus you going to get such a myriad of different responses it’s only going to confuse you more.

So, when asking questions – ask about specific experiences, thoughts and interests. 

Let us know what kind of responses you are looking for! We’re all happier to reply when we feel like we are being helpful.


2. Things That Have Helped You

We are always on the look out for helpful books, apps and websites that make our lives easier. If you’ve come across a resource that has really helped you, let us know about it.

Equally, if you have questions about specific resources, ask about other people’s experiences with them. You have you own group of honest reviewers right here.


3. Get To Know Each Other


There is a reason why we have a specific area for the Coffee Hour chat. Business interactions aren’t all about just making connections and finding collaborators. This group is very spefically about making friends and finding mutal interests.

Post about your hobbies, a new recipe you just found, the song you’ve got stuck in your head right now. Life is better friends, let’s make some for real.


4. Tell Us A Business Story or Case Study


If you just implemented a new sales funnel and it’s working super well, we want to know about it! Especially if you are willing to share some of the behind the scenes details.

Equally, this is a safe place to share those projects that didn’t end well. Perhaps you learned something valuable you can share with us. Maybe you just need a little feedback on helping you figure out what went wrong.

Share the knowledge!

5. Share The Knowledge


Speaking of which, if you are an expert in your field and you have something you’d like to teach us – go right ahead. This community certainly isn’t a teacher/student relationship with me perched awkwardly at the top. If you kick some serious business behind in your niche, bestow your knowledge on us!

Yoga instructors, copywriters, brand managers – whoever you are, you know something we don’t!

Feel free to post popular blog posts from your own site if you think they would be relevant to our members.


6. I’m Looking For. . .


You may have seen we have a specific section for collaborations. I’m always looking for people to interview, guest post and work on projects but I find it frustrating having the hunt people out and vet them.

I hope if you are looking for someone to work with, you won’t be shy in taking to our Collaborations board to search for a new partner in crime.


7. support me


The Clubhouse is here to help support and encourage each other. If you have a big launch coming up or something that you’d really like the club to support you with, please feel free to let us know about it.

Just be aware of the difference between soliciting and sharing your good news. For example, letting us know you are about to launch your new website is something wonderful that we can celebrate and share.

Asking people to sign up to your email list or specifically advertising your products/services to the club (or individual members) is prohibited.


8. Work That Can Help The Community

There is very much a difference between soliciting customers/clients and sharing a resource that you have created, which you think will genuinely help the community. I think, in our heart of hearts, we can tell the difference.

This is by no means a definitive list, but I hope this gives you a good idea of things you might like to share with us as well as a few things which might be frowned upon. 

If you have any questions about what to post, please drop us an email any time.