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Membership Levels


We are delighted to invite you to become a member of the club

Library Membership

Full access to our Library of resources, including all of our workbooks, masterclass, expert interviews and eBooks.

Reading Room Membership

Access to the Library as well as our private members lounge. Join in monthly challenges, events and be supported by a community of fellow creative women.

Full Clubhouse Membership

Full access to all of our resources included in Library and Reading Room Memberships.

Additional access to all of Creative and Coffee full courses, including The Idea Distillery, Lead Magnet Mastery and Goal Setting Courses.

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The Clubhouse was founded in order to be a safe place online where a small group of creative women could come, get to know each other and support each other in life and business. We provide a simple space where members can share their work, ask for advice and learn from each other’s experiences. 

We are not a club that is interested in whether you are making six figures or work in a prestigious industry. Our aim is to assemble women who are kind, supportive and creative. We have members from all sorts of niches, from branding designers to social media experts, jewelery sellers to tambourine painters.

We offer three types of membership at The Happy Boss Clubhouse: Library Membership, Reading Room Membership and Full Clubhouse Membership.

Every membership gives access to our Library of resources. However only Reading Room and Full Clubhouse memberships give access to the community. 



READING ROOM | £120 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP // £10.99 per month


Alicia Grady

“This week I have felt focused, productive and supported which are things I haven’t felt for a while so this has been really good timing for me…I feel so relieved to have a structure to work with and a community to bounce ideas around with – thanks again!”

Alicia Grady | Struck By Violet


The Library

The Library

  • For those who want quick access to all The Library resources

The Library includes all of our workbooks and eBooks, such as How To Overcome Fear, How To Find Your Niche and How To Find Your Passion. As well as our paid eBooks The Essential Guide To Instagram and Your First Google Adwords Campaign.

The Library also holds our Masterclass Vaults where all our once and future masterclasses are stored. Currently in the vault we have classes on community building, email marketing, overcoming set backs and branding. 

We have a number of expert interviews in The Library as well, covering both expert tips and behind the scenes looks into how our business friends are running their work and family lives. We talked to Claudia about how to get featured in Elle Magazine,  and with Maru on how she made the leap from full time therapist to full time branding designer and where she found her first clients. 

New resources added regularly 

The Reading Room

  • The Library + The Community

The Reading Room membership includes access to all The Library Resources and The Happy Boss Clubhouse community. 

Here you can talk with other members, find collaborators and gain support from the community. 

We have monthly challenges and weekly prompts to help you make friends and build business. 

The idea of the community is not to add more information and to-do’s to your ever expanding list. But to help you implement, test and trial your business methods within a safe environment. 

The club is here for when you need a direct answer, to a specific question. When you need someone to help you out whether with a mental block or promoting a new venture. 

Kelly Ramsdell

“I truly appreciate Sarah’s leadership in the Happy Boss Club – her posts are always full of absolute gold-level business advice. And one of the best things about the Club is the amount of support between the members, and how much less alone I feel as a small business owner trying to make her way in this online world.”

Kelly Ramsdell | Kelly Ramsdell: Art & Words.

The Clubhouse

  • Full access to all of our resources, community and premium courses.

The Full Clubhouse pass gives you access to The Library and and the community. 

It also gives you complete access to all current and future premium courses. 

Current courses includes: 

  • The Idea Distillery – How To Validate Your Product Idea
  • Lead Magnet Mastery –  How To Create Lead Magnets To Grow Your List
  • The Goal Setting Challenge – How To Set Goals That Actually Grow Your Business

Not only does this provide a huge discount on the cost of buying each course individually, but comes with full access to the community. 

apply to become a member

To become a full member of The Clubhouse, we invite you to begin your application here

Me (middle) speaking at the Email Marketing Day conference sponsored by FreshMail

Your Host

If we haven’t been formally introduced, it’s lovely to meet you! My name is Sarah and I am the host of the Happy Boss Clubhouse. 

Formerly a book cover designer, I run the hub of business information known as Creative and Coffee and I am currently fulfilling my mission of sampling all the afternoon tea establishments in London. 

I’d love to get to know you better! If you’d like to reach out and say hi, please drop me a note or come to one of our Business Brunches, it’s always lovely to meet new people. 

Clubhouse Reveiw

“Owning an online business can make us pretty lonely, and we could all do with more connections in our lives and businesses. Be it casual chats, business collaborations, or technical help, you are sure to find someone in the Clubhouse you can reach out to. Also, Sarah’s monthly themes and challenges mean that you are always learning something and growing your business in new ways. All this support and growth means that you are, indeed, being a ‘happy’ boss!”

Atiba Shaikh 


tHE business directory

One of the key aspects of the Club is the ability to make connections and find fellow business to collaborate with.

Indeed, we have a special area in the club just for this purpose. Also, being a part of the club allows  you to be added into our Business Directory. Click below to explore.

featured interviews

One of the wonderful things about community is finding other people who share similar interests and goals. The best indicator of whether you are in the right place? Why, it’s by seeing who is already there! 

We love to showcase our talented members. You can head over to our Featured Member spotlights to get to know your  future club members,

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