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The community ensures that there is a group of fellow business owners always on hand to lend a sympathetic ear, give suggestions and tell stories about what worked for them. 

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  • Full Library Access to all of our Masterclasses, Webinar Recordings and Interviews
  • Full access to all our premium courses, both current and future: currently including the Idea Distillery, The Lead Magnet Mastery Course and Goal Setting Challenge. The price of which alone totals over $200.
  • You will have VIP access to our online community in The Clubhouse lounge. We will invite you to a VIP members only section of the site, where you can get more 1:1 time and direct feedback during office hours. For those times when you just want a simple answer to a question, instead of hours of Googling.
Kelly Ramsdell

“I truly appreciate Sarah’s leadership in the Happy Boss Club – her posts are always full of absolute gold-level business advice. And one of the best things about the Club is the amount of support between the members, and how much less alone I feel as a small business owner trying to make her way in this online world.”

Kelly Ramsdell 

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Hello! My name is Sarah (that’s me in the middle there). 

The Clubhouse is really my dream project. To have a close knit of creative women there to share inspiration, ways of working and getting different business perspectives. 

Whilst there are certain business strategies that all look functionally the same on the back end, there is so much room for innovation and creative and doing something different. 

We’re not here to show you how to do it the same as everyone else, we here to inspire you to do things differently. To do things your way and to help you do it better.

This is for you if...

  • You are looking for business resources that go into depth and get you thinking about business.
  • You are looking for a supportive community of creative women who just get it. We may have different businesses and come from different walks of life, but there are definitely some things that all business owners share. Time management, stress, wanting to throw your laptop out the window after a day of doing frustration. We're here to help with that.
  • You just need a human being to answer a question. The internet is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you just want a straight answer from a normal human who's already been through it all. Not a catch all answer that applies to all businesses, but a specific answer that is relevant to you. We are a human resource.

This is not for you if...

  • You don't know what your business is yet. Whilst we have a great selection of beginning resources too, you will get the best use out of your membership if you already know what it is you are passionate about and are ready to transition from hobby to serious business.
  • You are not interested in community. If you love the sound of having all the resources but just aren't interested in being involved in the community, you might like to try our 'Library Only' membership instead.
Clubhouse Reveiw

“Owning an online business can make us pretty lonely, and we could all do with more connections in our lives and businesses. Be it casual chats, business collaborations, or technical help, you are sure to find someone in the Clubhouse you can reach out to. Also, Sarah’s monthly themes and challenges mean that you are always learning something and growing your business in new ways. All this support and growth means that you are, indeed, being a ‘happy’ boss!”

Atiba Shaikh

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