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How To Message Other Members

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how to message other members


Whilst, of course, you can chat to members and reply to their posts in the comments section (see:how to tag members) – you also have the ability to direct messages members as well.

You can do this by clicking on the member’s profile picture and selecting the ‘say hello’ option.

How To Chat In ClubYou can also go directly into the chat system by clicking the speech bubble sign in your menu bar. This will bring up a list of group chats and display the profile pictures of people who you have spoken to in the past.


How To Message Other MembersTo message another member simply click the image on the right hand side of the screen or type their name into the search bar on the right to bring them up.

The Chat SystemYou can also see which members are currently online by the small green circle next to them.

All you need to do is simply type into the message box. You can also send attachments, images and, crucially, emojis.