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How To Manage Notfications

help center >> navigating the site

how to manage notifications

In the top right hand corner of your screen you will see your profile picture.

Click on your face (or patterned picture) 

Click the ‘edit’ option 

From your settings choose notifications

Here you will see the little sliding on/off switch for your notifications.

Whilst, of course, you can choose whatever suits you best, I would recommend leaving on the following at a minimum:

  • Post from your hosts (that’s me!)
  • Messages from members (don’t miss when a member DMs you)
  • Mentions in posts or comments (so you know when people are talking about/to you)
  • Event notifications (so you get a notification just before an event starts, so you don’t accidentally miss it!)
  • Posts from members you follow (I am certainly not the source of all knowledge in this club, we have many specialists in many different niches all posting wonderful information. Plus, a fellow club member may have a question you can help with and lend support to and that’s why we’re all here, right? #Squadgoals)


In marketing literature, they tell me I should not be highlighting the fact that you can turn off notifications, never mind going as far as suggesting you turn some off. 

I’m sure there is a marketing guru/growth hacker/man in a suit out there somewhere having heart palpitations as we speak.


But here is one that you might find useful to turn off.

Comments after you. Whilst it’s nice to see what other people are saying in the comments of a post that you have commented on – you also don’t want seventeen emails about it either right?

Cheers on your stuff via email. Of course, we love to get notifications when someone has cheered our posts or comments. But we might not want an actual email about it. Maybe keep this mobile only?
Speaking of. . .

Mobile, Email, Both, None


You also have the option to change your notification settings to have different notifications through different mediums.

For example, as above, you may love getting a little app notification when someone cheers your post/comment – but you might not want to get an email notification about it.

In the same way you might want to keep up to date with what other members are posting through notifications, rather than email.

How you want to set this up is completely up to you.

I hope that you will keep notifications on for the recommend topics above, so you don’t miss out on tutorials and events. As well as keeping the community a fun and friendly place to be, by supporting people when they post.