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How To Edit Topics That You Follow

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how to edit topics that you follow

You may have noticed when you first logged in that you were prompted to follow some Topics. When you follow a Topic, your main feed will be personalized so that you see more of the posts in that Topic. You’ll also automatically be introduced to other members who are interested in the same Topics.

If you ever want to update or change which Topics you follow, just navigate to Your Profile and tap on the Edit link in the upper right corner

Then, scroll down until you see the section that says Followed Topics. Tap on the pencil icon at the bottom of the list of Topics to follow or unfollow any of the Topics available in The Clubhouse.


When you’re done, return to the list of Topics in your profile and tap on Save in the upper right corner to save your changes.

Although which Topics you follow are entirely up to your personal preferences, I recommend following at least the Clubhouse HQ as this is where the majority of masterclasses and tutorials are posted.