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How To Become an Ambassador

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how to become an ambassador

Club Ambassadors are our representatives to the outside world. Champions of the Clubhouse. They are our talent scouts, finding potential new members who might enjoy the club and fit in with our close knit community of friends and dream builders.

How Do I Become a Club Ambassador?

If you are in this club, it means you are pretty awesome. High five!

Therefore, I trust your judgement in inviting and sharing the club with those communities, friends and followers who you think would make wonderful additions to our club. We’re looking for people who are friendly, wanting to make some business friends, ready to learn and happy to share their own experiences.

All you need to do to become an Ambassador is to invite two new members to join us in The Clubhouse!

How do you refer these 2 new members? It’s very simple.

Head over to your menu (those little 9-dots in the top right hand of your screen) and select the ‘Invite’ option.

You can use this to get your own personal referral link to invite your chosen initiates via your website, your social media, your email list – wherever they are to be found!

You can also send out email invitations straight from inside the club!

This unique link will track your referrals and will automatically inform you when new members sign up!

Check it out!

There Was a Mention of Perks?

Can’t be a proper club without club swag right?

We have three levels of Ambassador; Bronze, Silver and Gold.


To become an Ambassador you need to refer 2 members. To celebrate your initiation into the exclusive Ambassador group, I would love to invite you to be interviewed as our Featured Member of the month!


As a Silver Ambassador we will be sending you some official club swag in the form of a Limited Edition tote bag. Ambassador issue only.

You become a Silver level Ambassador when you reach out and refer 10 members.


Ooooo the mysterious gold member status. No one knows what it holds. Socks will be blown off. Eyebrows raised.

Refer 25 members and find out!